About Us

Why choose Quality Couplings?

The answer is simple:

Quality Couplings stands as one of the leading suppliers of precision-engineered, leak-resistant brass couplings, fittings, and associated accessories in the United Kingdom. Our offerings are marked by exceptional precision and represent excellent value for your investment.

We provide unwavering support to engineers across the UK and around the world who trust our absolute commitment to top-tier quality, uniformity, and expeditious service. Whether your requirement is for an elbow joint, equal cross, or an end stop, you can depend on us.

With over half a century of proven experience, we have been in operation since 1966, witnessing and addressing virtually every conceivable challenge, delivering truly effective solutions. So, regardless of your requirements and geographical location, we are here to lend our expertise.

£1 Million inventory with Next Day Delivery

At Quality Couplings, we understand the value of time. Consequently, we maintain an inventory worth up to £1 million in finished components, ensuring next-day delivery for orders placed by 1pm. Whether you need 100,000 units or just one, our swift service allows you to proceed with your tasks promptly. From our base in High Wycombe, we serve customers throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Tailored solutions to meet your precise needs

In addition to our range of 1000 standard items, we have the capacity to manufacture items tailored to your exact specifications, from standpipes and hose connectors to nipples and bushes – all customised to your requirements.

Cutting-edge machinery

We possess the capability to manufacture an extensive variety of standard and custom brass fittings and couplings, even in small quantities, at highly competitive prices. We can also arrange special finishes, such as Chrome- or Nickel-plating. This is made possible through our use of the latest Citizen C Series CNC Sliding Head Auto Lathes, in combination with Rotary Transfer units and Finishers.

Simultaneous 3-tool machining

We utilise Citizen C Series CNC Sliding Head Auto Lathes, including Type C16, C32, L20, and B16E, along with XYZ CT52LTY. These machines feature both main and sub spindles with 2-Gang tool slides, allowing us to employ 3 tools simultaneously.

The C32-VIII boasts an 8000 rpm main spindle and a 7000 rpm sub spindle, equipped with 14 tools and 8 driven tools powered by 1kW motors. Meanwhile, the C16-VII offers 18 tools plus 8 driven by 1kW motors.

Competitive pricing

Quality Couplings consistently offers highly competitive pricing, and we extend further discounts for bulk orders. Simply request a quotation to witness the advantages first hand.

We are here to help you

In addition to our state-of-the-art machinery, we have a team of highly skilled engineers ready to provide complimentary technical guidance to resolve challenging problems across various scenarios. Reach out to us for free advice, assistance, and expert direction.

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Telephone: 01494 522929

Email: info@qualitycouplings.com