High quality brass compression couplings

Whatever you need and wherever you are, here at Quality Couplings we can supply you with precision tooled brass fittings, turned parts and components in both Imperial and Metric Compression couplings for use in fluid and gas transfer.

Over 50 Years Of Unrivalled Experience

We have been producing cost-effective, leak-proof reliable joints with a wide range of industries including: Locomotive and Automotive, Pneumatic and Hydraulic, Gas and Oil, Ventilation and Heating, Air Conditioning and Power Generation.


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Only the best products pass our strict quality control methods for your peace of mind, just look for the Q!

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We invest in only the best equipment to produce our products, never settle for second best!

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We hold over £1m of stock and can provide between 1 and 100,000 units with rapid turnaround.

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